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Trying to operate an online business without advertising is like trying to run an engine without a full tank of gas.  You might get started, but it’s probably going to be a short ride.  Finding the right advertising venue at the right price can therefore be a key ingredient to your online business success.  Fortunately for both the new online business entrepreneur as well as the seasoned veterans, there are numerous sources of free advertising available.

Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchanges come with a variety of different features but the basic concept is the
same.  As a member of a traffic exchange site, your website is listed along with hundreds or even thousands of other websites.  You agree to link to or visit these other sites in exchange for credits.  Other exchanges give you credits for everyday surfing you do on the internet.

You can then use up these credits as other members visit your site.  Not only do you receive the benefit of the direct visits, but having your url listed on so many different exchange sites boosts your seo page ranking resulting in further hits down the road.

Social Networking

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook continue to grow and an amazing rate.  Tapping into the millions of potential customers frequenting these sites is a must for today’s internet marketer.  The concept is simple.  Use the sites for what they are designed for…socializing.  Get acquainted with the users, involve them in conversation, then after developing a report, you can begin to slowly market to them.

Another aspect of social networking is referred to as social bookmarking.  Bookmarking involves “recommending” websites that you find interesting and appealing to bookmark sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon so that other surfers can see your recommendations and follow these bookmarks to the sites in question.  There are many websites dedicated to awarding you credits to bookmark multiple sites at a time, similar to the traffic exchange concept already discussed.  And again, you can then use these credits to have hundreds or thousands of other surfers bookmark your site.  With all these bookmarks recommending your site you can rapidly build a steady stream of traffic to your door.

Website Forums

Website forums are a popular way for many websites to allow their members to interact with
one another.  These forums, or message boards, are set up with a variety of different topics that the members can post messages to for discussion.  At the end of each post or message, the poster is usually allowed to place there “signature”.  This is an area where you can place information about your online business or website.  As readers look through your post they will often notice your signature and click-thru to your website.  In addition all of these backlinks in these online forums do a great job with your seo pagerank.


Craigslist is basically a national online classified ad venue.  You are allowed to place a free ad in your geographic location.  Using text, images and hyperlinks you can produce a high quality ad at no cost.  Based on the popularity of Craigslist you will be exposing your internet business to a huge online market.

Effective advertising takes planning.  Plan out the amount of time you are willing to spend marketing to these different advertising venues.  Consistently follow through with that plan and you will be rewarded with an ever growing stream of website traffic.