The Guide for Start Small Business With Zero Investment

Have you ever thought why more and more people are inclining towards online business? No, let us tell you! The prime reason of admiring an online business is that it requires less investment and risk than that of brick and mortar stores. As the business is online, it makes easy for the owner to reach the audience and work virtually irrespective of the place and time. Just by having some basic website designing, communication skills and marketing knowledge you can easily run the online business and earn bucks.

Online businesses are growing drastically these days. Instead of employing full time workers, many organizations prefer hiring online marketers and assistants to uphold the work. In order to become a successful online entrepreneur, you have to put efforts. Running an online business is not a gigantic task; just with some business basics you can easily reap profits. Below we are emphasizing on top online business tips to aid you start business with less investment and ease.

  • Build a set up strategy – There are numerous ways for the entrepreneurs to make money via an online business. Though, it is advisable to start with easiest way which fits to your pocket. Creating a strategic plan and adhere to it will keep you organized and make your business powerful so that you can gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Set up an Ecommerce website – Launching an ecommerce website for the products and services that you offer is the most vital step. Apart from design and layout, you should also concentrate on the contents. Contents are the soul of any website, so make sure that the content you add are unique and relevant enough to boost the traffic. Additionally, try to integrate some blogs to keep people engaged on your web pages.
  • Get your online app – It is another beneficial option for the online business owners! Today, people are becoming tech-savvy and preferring to get their work done instantly. So, it would prove to be a lucrative deal for the owners to endow an application so that people can get quick access to the product inventory and make purchase.
  • Get listed on online business directory – Online directories are the portals which facilitates users to find services easily. To add business on listing sites, you need to provide business title, address, email address and phone number as well. Ensure that the information you give must be true.

Is it possible to become a successful entrepreneur through affiliate marketing?

Yes, you can easily become an entrepreneur and make bucks by trying your hands on this popular online industry. An affiliate is a person who sells products and services for other ventures and receives commission in return. The best aspect of affiliate marketing is that you are not required to manufacture products yourself. If you are a beginner with zero business knowledge, then you should start as affiliate marketer. Once you start understanding the business tactics, you can start your own venture.


Ways to Invest in Bonds

With the volatile nature of equity markets, financial planning is becoming a major challenge for the public. Many people are hesitant to invest in shares and are instead looking for different options; bonds are certainly a safer option in such uncertain times. To understand this concept, one must first know the meaning of the term ‘bond.’

Bonds are also called fixed income securities where the investor gets a fixed rate of interest and an assurance of capital protection. Let’s assume that you buy a bond with a face value of USD 20000 at an interest rate of 8% and a maturity of 10 years. You’d earn a total interest of USD 1600 (USD 20000 x 8%) per year, which could either be paid to you annually or bi-annually, and on maturity after 10 years, you would get back the amount of USD 20000 that you had invested.

Ways to Invest

Investing in bonds can be done using any one of the following methods.

  • Brokers – The ideal way of investing is to approach a broker. There are the full-service and the discount brokers. While the former provides you investment tips and advice along with the usual trading, the latter only deals with buy and sell orders. Of course, the former takes an extra fee for all the tips that he offers.
  • Financial Institutions – Your bank would have a facility where they allow their clients to transact government securities for a fee.
  • Treasury Bonds – If you don’t have an existing brokerage account and want to do it yourself, then all you need to do is visit the government website, It is a hassle-free technique wherein all the transactions including interest payments happen online.
  • Debt Mutual Funds – These funds typically buy into low-risk securities, bonds being one of them, and the returns are quite stable, unlike their equity counterparts.


Investing in bonds could be beneficial due to the following reasons:

  • You get higher interest rates as compared to a bank savings account.
  • It is a safe investment, as one gets the principal amount back in full at the end of the maturity period.
  • They offer regular income in the form of interest.
  • For retirees, it provides them a regular source of income for the long term.
  • As these investors are creditors to the government/corporation, they hold a preferential claim on the assets as compared to the shareholders. In case of a bankruptcy, they are paid before the shareholders.

Having said that, it is imperative that you conduct a thorough research before investing your hard-earned money. Risk-taking capacity as well as financial needs should drive one’s investment strategy. It is recommended that the portfolio is diversified so that losses in one asset class can be offset by gains in another.

Ways to Invest in Solar Energy Stock

These days investors are in search of unique companies which are seeing a phenomenal growth in their business and are expecting better profit margins in the days to come. As a result, the stocks of top solar energy companies are in demand. Given below are some vital suggestions on how you too can invest in solar energy stocks.

Look for Technologically Advanced Firms
In the future, solar energy demand and applications are expected to rise tremendously. To cater to the rising demand, firms will need to have very high quality and modern technology. So, before investing in solar energy stocks, it is essential to know of the technological advancement of the firm. Ideally, you should go for companies that have an advanced research and development department that is engaged in new inventions to beat competitor firms.

Check the Fundamentals
Technology alone cannot be the factor to consider while selecting the top solar energy stocks. You also need to look at the fundamentals of the companies in this business and select the ones which have a good track record in dealing with clients successfully. Examining cash flow, profit and loss accounts and balance sheets of firms is essential to know of their cash reserves and financial strength.

Know the Debt Levels
All those keen on investing in solar energy stocks should understand that high debt levels can create a major problem for firms. Companies with high debts have to spend a huge amount of money on interest payments, and this affects their financial status and future plans. So, as far as possible, choose companies with comfortable debt equity ratios.

Be a Long Term Investor
All investors wishing to invest in the solar energy sector should note that investments can give superior returns only in the long term because the nature of this business is capital intensive. A lot of money is utilized in purchasing equipment, machinery and their maintenance, and hence it takes years even for the leading solar energy companies to post big profits. So, the time frame for investment in solar energy stocks should be for more than three years.

Check for Institutional Interest in Stocks
Institutional investors generally invest in huge amounts in companies having promising future. So, before you put your money in stocks of solar energy firms, you need to check institutional stakes in these firms.

When you put your money in the solar energy sector, you should have an investment perspective rather than trading in these stocks for small term gains. Stocks of companies with rapid expansion plans can become multi-baggers in the future and help you earn big money. You can take help from your stock broker or stock investment expert to choose the right stocks.

Ways to Buy Municipal Bonds

A municipality or state-run administration or county are grass root level public administration and governance bodies, that look after the well-being of a geographically smaller area. The area and population that come under the jurisdiction of a municipality are basically smaller than usual state and federal governments.

Being public administration bodies, such governments tend to make gigantic capital investments, in capital assets. That is projects such as building of roads or bridges tends to have a one time investment, which is gigantic. The recovery of the cost is pretty prolonged but assured as the revenue comes from the public, and since the amenity is of public demand, it is again assured. Thus, in short, the return on investment in case of municipal bonds is an assured deal. This makes municipal bonds one of the best investments.

About Municipal Bonds

The purpose of municipal bonds as mentioned above is simple, to facilitate the finding of huge public amenity projects. They work just like all other bonds, they have one time investment and term of period of maturity upon which, the investors are repaid the invested amount, plus the amount of interest that has been accrued on the principal amount. A person cannot withdraw the municipal bonds mid-term and in any case if they do so, the interest that has been accrued is lost completely.

In the United States, the market of municipal bonds is an over-the-counter market which is accessible through a network of broker-dealers. This market is governed by the Municipal Securities Rule Making Board, that also governs the authorized dealer brokers who deal in these bond investments. The minimum face value of a municipal bond tends to be $5,000.

This is the amount that an investor will receive upon the maturity of the bond and is known as the face value of the bond. However, the purchase value of such bonds is not $ 5,000. It is quite lower, because the standard municipal bonds are issued at a discounted rate.

Now, there can be different combination in the issue value of bonds. There are several bonds that are issued at face value, and the interest goes on accruing on them based upon the prescribed rate. When it comes to rates, there are two types that is floating rates and fixed rates. The fixed rates are standard ones that do not change. The floating rates however, change as per certain economic conditions, and especially as per the revenue that is being generated by the project.

How to Buy Municipal Bonds

The process of investing in municipal bonds is not that difficult, owing to the fact that the bonds market is an over the counter market, and you just have to approach a certain dealer in the market. A list of such dealers is available with the Municipal Securities Rule Making Board. The approach process that is used to finalize the municipal bonds is the difficult one.

  • There are some simple steps, with the help of which you as an investor can finalize upon the municipal bond that would be apt for purchase. The first step is to call up your broker, and know the number of all the available bonds and the prices for which they are available. Note that all the prices will be market prices or the issue price (which is substantially less), plus getting all the other features of the securities is equally important.
  • Next, you will have to assess three dimensions of the bond as per the budget that you have allocated for the purchase. Assess the price for which the bond is available, and then compare it with the yield. Of course the yield should be substantially more than the price. While making this comparison bear in mind the duration or term of the bond. The general rule of thumb is, longer the term of the bond, more is the yield.
  • These bonds are also rated by some firms such as Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, and Fitch Ratings Service. It goes without saying that better the rating, the better is the bond, i.e, it will give a better yield. The best municipal bonds usually have the AAA rating.
  • The last part is analyzing the general features such as the investment destination of the bond and history, in case of those which are already issued bond (also known as a secondary market bond).

Buying such bonds is not a difficulty task, all you need to do is analyze properly. The analysis in itself is quite simple and straight forward. Apart from just being an investment, a municipal bond is also a widely accepted security against loans and credit, which possesses a very good liquidity. The taxability of municipal bonds is also low, which gives the investor an additional benefit.